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LED Lighting Applications

Indoor and Outdoor Applications

As consumer expectations evolve, so should the environment and experiences we offer them. Grenentec helps businesses overcome the challenges of an ever-more-demanding marketplace with a broad set of world-class LED fixtures that offer uncompromising performance, style and affordability.

Cree outdoor luminaires, featuring Cree BetaLED® Technology are recognized throughout the world for excellence. Cree luminaires provide improved illumination performance, consume less energy, and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions. In fact, many Cree advancements have shaped what is standard in the LED lighting industry today.

LED Lighting is best suited for applications where lighting is difficult or expensive to maintain due to the accessibility of the lights. Given the features/benefits of LED and comparisons to traditional HID and Fluorescent technologies, as well as recent hype around Induction, LED is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications.

LED Lighting is also ideally suited for Applications where Dimming/Controls can be used to turn lights on/off, dim to programmable levels and monitor energy and light status for additional energy and maintenance savings.


Parking Lots, Parking Garages, Gas Stations, Parks, Tennis Courts, Tunnels, Walkways, Security and Area Lighting


Warehouses, Manufacturing, Retail, Exhibition Halls, Supermarkets, Food Storage/Processing, Hospitals and Schools

Street / Roadway

Street Lighting, Highways, Intersections, Parks, Walkways, Historic Areas


HID Replacement, Specialty Fixtures, etc.

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