“The upgrade was seamless and didn’t interfere with business at all.
We replaced our 1,000 watt metal halide parking lot lights with 223W
CREE OSQ parking lot lights and saw a much improved light output
and quality. I am very very pleased.”

– Operator 86 fast food restaurants in Texas

Mr. John Anderson

“I believe we have seen a substantial ROI on our LED lighting
upgrade in our parking lot and will support upgrading the rest of our
parking lot lights in the near future.”

– Fast food operator Pensacola, FL

Tim Barkley

“We considered and tested both LED and Induction lighting for our
exterior lighting and we’re glad to say we chose LED
from Grenentec. The CREE LED fixtures have double the warranty and the light quality and savings were much better than the other fixtures we tested.”

– Owner/Operator St. Louis, MO

Lisa Whistler